Our Service

Air freight

Air Freight is part of a comprehensive and efficient system designed to ensure that your items are notified on time and in error. Spoton Logistics is a cargo handler in Qatar to provide universal and permanent air freight answers to customers. We offer our customers an unparalleled collection of encounters and capabilities in payload cargo administration and air operations.

Sea freight

Spoton Logistics has a wide network of ocean cargo. We guarantee that your payload will reach the right destination, at the right time, and financially. Our volumes of oversight within the system provide expertise and centralized rate structures.
Our worldwide integrated framework provides the ability to follow and monitor issue determination in the event of inventory network challenges. No matter what the wardrobe, we can give you sophisticated choices to choose from.
Sea transport is only a part of the production chain. In any case, we can provide inland administrations by getting your goods and delivering them from the start port and the destination port to the final destination. Managing the entire load process with focused beer contracts results in a fully coordinated arrangement.

Road Transport.

The default for any shipment is that it depends on an area transportation component. Eventually, your shipping is in a truck. Our means of gaining in area transport are tools that allow us to educate our clients with accurate data. When you are sourcing your local transportation capability, you need a partner who will provide you with everything you need, and at a centralized cost with an extraordinary way for entryway administration.

Custom Clearence

Spoton offers an unparalleled customs clearance service. Since our inception, we have grown to become a trusted and popular custom broking agent in Qatar. This is our attempt to increase the enjoyment of our customers by offering the right solution at the right time. We have developed insight and into the guidelines of international trade to help our clients to offer the best possible consultancy. We specialize in trading procedures, international transport and customs clearance at company-owned import and export cargoes at major ports or airports in Qatar.

Project Logistics

Spoton Logistics is always careful in handling and challenging the work of shipping oversized, heavy-lift project freight. Our logistic project management experts and team ensure that the entire process of bulk and gauge-out gauge exports is well underway. To move a project freight, our experienced project managers are always ready to prepare the best transportation plan for your freight. Once the shipping process has begun, our team’s network will be able to analyze the bulk and heavy goods inventory.


Spoton is a premier logistics company with multi-modal capabilities offering a wide and complete range of services. We offer complete relocation services ranging from pre-move orientation to business setup dedicated to origin and destination residential details. We begin by giving our clients a general introduction to the whole process and a brochure about the local environment. We will provide specific solutions to facilitate this move as per your requirements. Integrity, speed, and transparency are incorporated into the three Guiding Principles of the relocation Service System. Spoton always shares these principles in our clients, service partners, and people. We establish relationships with our clients and service partners that focus on fairness, mutual respect, and transparency. Whether you are relocating long distances or locally, our global network ensures that SpotOn can take you home wherever you go. As a full-service mover, we handle everything from packing, loading, and transport.